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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus is a syndrome that happens in at least 2 % to 18% of the world’s population and in about 3% to 5% of Americans. The good news is that it is less likely to affect children under 18, but the older one grows, the more vulnerable they become to this problem. It’s surprising how more than 2.5 million Americans suffering from this malady, despite their podiatrist’s advice, think it insignificant to get treated. Probably it is not yet considered a dreadful problem but the fact is that the fungus is contagious and can spread from one foot to the other. The infection is more evident in public areas like gym locker rooms or inside showers, in people like athletes and military staff or those suffering from health disabilities like HIV etc.

Health Issues - Nail Fungus

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Reflexology Treats Pre Menstrual Tension

Hers another interesting article supporting the use of Reflexology, and one that will bring hope to many women worldwide....

Randomized controlled study of premenstrual symptoms (PMS or PMT) treated with ear, hand, and foot reflexology
T Oleson and W Flocco

OBJECTIVE: To determine whether reflexology therapy--the application of manual pressure to reflex points on the ears, hands, and feet that somatotopically correspond to specific areas of the body--can significantly reduce premenstrual symptoms compared to placebo treatment....

METHODS: Thirty-five women who complained of previous distress with premenstrual syndrome (PMS) were randomly assigned to be treated by ear, hand, and foot reflexology or to receive placebo reflexology....

All subjects completed a daily diary, which monitored 38 premenstrual symptoms on a four-point scale. Somatic and psychological indicators of premenstrual distress were recorded each day for 2 months before treatment, for 2 months during reflexology, and for 2 months afterward....

The reflexology sessions for both groups were provided by a trained reflexology therapist once a week for 8 weeks, and lasted 30 minutes each...

RESULTS: Analysis of variance for repeated measures demonstrated a significantly greater decrease in premenstrual symptoms for the women given true reflexology treatment than for the women in the placebo group....

CONCLUSION: These clinical findings support the use of ear, hand, and foot reflexology for the treatment of PMS.

Randomized controlled study of premenstrual symptoms treated with ear, hand, and foot reflexology -- Oleson and Flocco 82 (6): 906 -- Obstetrics & Gynecology

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

An Hungry Market

If you were thinking of taking up Foot Massage, Reflexology or any other type of Massage or Alternative therapy as a career, then the following findings can only be good news....


Massage rubbing off on public One-time luxury grows in popularity ...

Arizona Republic, AZ -hours ago... In the past year, many massages rooted in ancient Eastern and holistic techniques have been unveiled in the Valley: aqua reflexology, aroma mineral massage ...

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Monday, July 10, 2006

Proof That The Reflexology Points Do connect with the Bodies Areas

Hiya again guys,
Whilst doing my daily net trawl, I found this interesting article in the Scotsman. To me it is further proof of the influence and effect that the reflexology points on the feet can directly have on the rest of the body.....

It also shows the importance of knowing where these specific points are on the feet when working........

Penny Wall, an aromatherapist and acupuncturist at Edinburgh's health and beauty centre Chi, has six years of clinical experience and specialises in treating expectant mums.She put me completely at ease from the start, taking me through a brief consultation about my general health and particular pregnancy niggles (mainly lower back and pelvic pain). She went on to explain that during the massage some areas would be out of bounds: during pregnancy the abdomen is to be avoided, and great care must be taken when working on feet, ankles and calves as reflexology pressure points that correspond to the uterus could trigger contractions. Living - Massage prenatal pains away

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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Reported Effects Of Reflexology

During treatment
  • Feelings of relaxation, comfort, or well-being
  • Nausea or discomfort due to emotional reactions
  • Client may feel like laughing or crying
  • Client may sigh, yawn, or fall asleep
  • Temperature change either hot or cold
  • A tingling sensation in the feet or through the body
  • Pin-stick type feelings in the feet over congested areas

  • After treatment
  • Cold-like symptoms such as a running nose as sinus congestion is cleared
  • A cough, as mucus is cleared from the lungs and respiratory passages
  • More frequent urination, bowel movements, or flatulence
  • Headaches, increased sweating, skin rash, or thirst
  • Yawning and tiredness or "Energizable"

Reflexology - Wikipedia, the free encyclopeda

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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Although I don't really go for foot massaging "Machines"....I found this when I was looking for props after my therapy room re-model....It works by applying pressure as you push down on it to the Reflex points of the foot.....

In theory it can only do good, but you cannot beat concentrated manual working on specific points, or being able to find the areas in need of attention!

Anyway, check it out if you like...The link is below!

Solid Wood Foot
Massager with Soft Colored Beads

  • Double durable
    stainless steel springs equipped under the

  • Acupressure points
    are demonstrated on the massager

  • Goes up and down
    with both feet stepping on

  • New effective foot

  • Size: 12” x 13”

Foot Massager Machine, wholesale

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Colourful and Quirky Reflexology Chart

I've been looking for some Reflexology Charts for my Newly Decorated Therapy Room, I found these on ebay and thought I'd share the link with you.....

Reflexology Wall Poster/Chart 23" x 17" approx (A3)"Diagram of the feet."This chart is full of detail, showing many coloured areas relating to different parts of your body. Each system has a different colour code.(ie. nerve, digestion, heart, bone etc)This chart shows you the reflexology points that show you, how to learn how to minimise stress, ease health problems, restore and raise energy levels, maintain well being.This healing art has been around for thousands of years and is practiced worldwide.
EASY TO UNDERSTAND!Brand new. Perfect Condition.Very Colourful. - Glossy.Would look good on clinic wall or a 'must have' gift for a recently qualified reflexologist and is ready as teaching aid and reference.

Check it out in the link below!

Reflexology Chart

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Friday, July 07, 2006

Is There Anyone Who Shouldn't Receive a Foot Massage??

Is there anyone who should not receive a foot massage?.....

Most people would have no problems receiving a foot massage, but it is important if you have any medical conditions that are questionable, to talk to your doctor beforehand. Since there are some illnesses that can affect the feet, such as Diabetes, it is best to get your general doctor?s approval before taking a risk. The doctor can then allow it, possibly set restrictions on the foot massage therapy, or choose to have you refrain from it. Whatever your doctor?s decision, it is important to follow his guidelines strictly. Read this article in full at.........

Foot Massage - Massage Therapy Directory - Classifieds

Massage Therapy-  Benefits of Foot Massage

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The Heart Of The Matter

A very interesting Exerpt from an Article from the Massage Therapy Directory
reporting the findings of a study on the effects of foot massage on Heart Surgery Patients!

...................Another benefit is the release of stress. There have been studies performed on patients of heart surgery that showed there was a significant decrease in the stress of patients after a foot massage. This could mean that a foot massage not only causes relaxation due to less stress, but better health as well. Since heart disease is linked with mental well-being (i.e. too much stress can lead to a heart attack), the foot massage can be indirectly causing better overall health, as well as recovery and prevention.Is there anyone who should not receive a foot massage?Most people would have no problems receiving a foot massage, but it is important if you have any medical conditions that are questionable, to talk to your doctor beforehand...........

Foot Massage - Massage Therapy Directory - Classifieds

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Becoming A Professional Reflexologist

For those of you who are considering Persuing Reflexology on a Career level, I thought I'd let you read this Article and Resource......

Reflexology Schools teach reflexology therapy, (an ancient art practiced by early Egyptians) and the science founded on the basis that areas of the feet, hands and ears are comprised of zones and reflex areas (which correspond to all glands, organs, and bodily systems). Reflexology schools instruct a therapeutic technique whereby pressure is applied to these reflex areas....

 Through reflexology school training, students are taught to reduce stress by using thumb, finger and hand methods.Reflexology schools further teach how reflexology can create physiological improvements within the body.

Reflexology schools teach students to restore natural balance and revitalization through reflexology. Not intended to cure diseases, reflexology therapy is valuable in locating high stress or tension areas in the body.

Therefore, reflexology schools provide instruction that promotes natural healing through reflexology therapy.Since 75% of all health problems are linked to stress, reflexology therapy could prove invaluable in this day and age. For more information on reflexology schools and a possible career in reflexology therapy, be sure to check out the Holistic Junction Business Directory for practitioners and schools specializing in reflexology therapy today.

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